Monday, February 10, 2014

Don't Lie To Me Novella - Marcus's Story

Releasing March 11th as part of a Forbidden Fruit Anthology with some amazing authors!!!!
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Below is the cover and synopsis for Marcus's Novella


When Marcus Whitmore finally realizes he isn’t going to get the only girl he’s ever loved and his family isn’t going to be together, he decides it is time to move on. After all, the best way to get over a woman - is to get another woman under you. Which is exactly what he does, thinking that a night of passion will ease Emma from his mind. What Marcus doesn’t plan on is waking up to an empty bed and the memory of a woman he can’t forget.
Weeks later, when Marcus runs into Tabby again, he is determined to have her back in his bed. The problem? Tabby is his son’s teacher. And if anyone finds out that Tabby is involved with Logan’s dad, she could lose her job.
Is Marcus worth the risk? Are the best things in life really worth fighting for?

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  1. I love this book I was so happy .That marcus fell in love again
    That was so good to find love .