Monday, November 11, 2013

Just One Week Available

I know! It's been so long been since I posted but life has been CRAZY since the release of Just One Week.
So, for the record:
JUST ONE WEEK is now available on
Thank you to everyone who has read it already and left a review. Thank you for the messages and comments and emails I have received, DAILY!
It blesses my heart and impacts me in a way that I simply can't describe to know people are not only reading, but connecting with my work.
Thank you - you're amazing.
And now - on to some more good stuff! And the reason for my silence.
I have been a busy little bee :)
Part of the craziness of being a writer is that once you start an idea, more ideas just do. not. stop. coming. I am constantly writing down notes about new characters who pop into mind, conversations, a quick sentence here or there, and sometimes, an entire story line for a new book will pop into my head and refuse to leave until I put pen to paper, and finger tips to keyboard keys and type out the story as fast as I can.
And because of that, I will be revealing a new cover to you soon.
REMEMBERING US will be released in January, 2014. Originally, I thought it was going to be the 14th, but it might come sooner. *shrug* who knows. It'll be done when it's done, I guess.
This is my first attempt at a NEW ADULT ROMANCE and I love the story. I love the characters and I can not WAIT to introduce you to Adam and Amy and hopefully, fall in love with their story.
So what's it about?
Well, I'll talk more about that soon. The cover reveal is scheduled for the 21st so in TEN DAYS you'll be able to see the cover and the synopsis and I'll start posting teasers like a mad woman.
Until then, you can add it on goodreads:
but there's not much to see :)
AND. Not only that, but I have an entire SERIES screaming at me. Working on a standalone is tough enough with the characters constantly speaking to me, often keeping me awake at night or waking me in the middle of it to write something down.
But this is my first series, and I can't wait. I'm 100 pages into the first draft of the first book, and it's getting GOOD folks.
This will be at least three books. Maybe four - who knows. We'll see what happens. But I have the first three books plotted out for the most part, and yesterday, one of the characters surprised me and started giving me hints about what he might have to say in the future, so like I said - I hear lots of voices and I'm trying to get them down as fast as I can for you!
I haven't ever planned a series before, so I'm nervous and excited and having lots of fun figuring it all out.
So what's it about? Or who?
Daemon and Olivia. Biker children. Born into the life, children of the President and VP. They were all planned to leave the club, the life and their town behind. But then, you know, shit happens and plans change :)
I can't say much more than that. But Olivia is my favorite character to write so far. She's tough. She could kick your ass. Seriously. And mine, too, so I have to be careful with her.
But there's BIKERS. And Motorcycle hotties. And tattoos and hot SEX. Guns and murder. Mayhem. Mischief. Tough men and the strong women who aren't afraid to fight for what they want and put their tough men in their place every once in awhile.
I'm HOPING that the first book of The Nordic Lord series, "Point of Return" will be ready by March.
So that's it. Anything else you want to know?
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